Humphrey Fellowship Program 2022/23, USA

The applications for the Humphrey Fellowship Program 2022/23 are open. It provides mid-career professionals from 140 eligible countries around the world with a chance to improve their professional capabilities through participation in specific, 10-month, non-degree programs developed for small groups of Humphrey Fellows at chosen U.S. universities.

The Humphrey Fellowship Program aims to provide Humphrey Fellows with an overall experience that increases their perspectives, enhances their capacity to feel greater career responsibilities and provides opportunities to discover useful professional contacts.

It comes under the Fulbright Exchange Program which is administered by The Fulbright Commission/USEF-Nepal in Nepal.

Field of Study 

Human and Institutional Capacity: 

  1. Economic Development
  2. Finance & Banking
  3. Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration
  4. Technology Policy and Management
  5. Human Resource Management

Rights and Freedoms: 

  1. Communications and Journalism
  2. International Religious Freedom
  3. Law and Human Rights
  4. Trafficking in Persons Policy & Prevention

Sustainable Lands: 

  1. Agricultural and Rural Development
  2. Natural Resources, Environmental Policy, and Climate Change
  3. Urban and Regional Planning

Thriving Communities: 

  1. Contagious and Infectious Diseases
  2. Public Health Policy and Management
  3. HIV AIDS, Policy and Prevention
  4. Substance Abuse Education, Treatment and Prevention (see *Note)
  5. Educational Administration, Planning, and Policy
  6. Higher Education Administration
  7. Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Humphrey Fellowship Program

All applicants must

  1. Possess Nepali citizenship.
  2. Applicants who are employed at a mid-career, policy level with progressively more effective working experience in the government, NGO, or private sector.
  3. Have at least 5 years of progressively more qualified professional experience in Nepal as of the application submission deadline of July 23, 2021. Volunteer jobs, internships, and work done as a requirement for an academic degree shall not be counted towards the necessary duration of work experience.
  4. The professional experience should be in the relevant field, after the completion of a university degree i.e. a 4-year bachelor’s degree, or if the bachelor’s degree is of a 2-year/3-year duration, then a master’s degree is also required.
  5. Applicants who have 2 or more 2-year/3-year bachelor’s degrees in various fields but who do not have a master’s degree are ineligible to apply.
  6. Be proficient in speaking, reading, and writing English (See the Supplemental English Program.)
  7. Be eligible for a non-immigrant J-1 U.S. visa (see Visa Sponsorship below)
  8. Have an evident dedication to public service and potential for national leadership.


Application Deadline: 4:00 Midnight, July 23, 2021 

Visit the official USEF Nepal page for more information.

Note: Kaaphal will conduct a webinar on The Fulbright Scholarship on 26 June 2021 under its Scholarship Info Session.

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