DAAD Scholarship

Every year, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides DAAD scholarships to support well over 100,000 international students and researchers around the globe to study and research visits to universities and non-university research institutions in Germany. DAAD scholarships are aimed primarily at undergraduates, graduates, doctoral students, and postdocs.

The DAAD Office in New Delhi is responsible for carrying out DAAD activities in Nepal. It organizes different seminars in Nepal to give more information about this scholarship to students.

  • Masters students get  € 861, doctoral candidates and postdocs get € 1,200 a month.
  • It also includes an allowance for travel expenses.
  • Under certain conditions, they also provide an allowance for accompanying spouses and children.

DAAD Scholarship

  1. The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in hand.
  2. The candidate should have at least 2 years of work experience in his field.
  3. Depending on your degree course, there will be English or German Language requirements.
  4. If you want to come to Germany for some time up to 6 months, you must have lived in your country of residence for at least one year at the time of application.
  5. If you want to come to Germany for some time longer than 6 months, you must have obtained your last degree in your country of residence.
  6. There is no age limit to apply for the DAAD scholarship.
  7. Language requirements:
    • Not all programs require a minimum language level. But for scholarships in Germany when you submit your application, you must provide proof of your current proficiency in the language of instruction (German, English, or German and English) in your chosen study program. It will be mentioned in the application form while it is open. 
Requisites to apply for DAAD Scholarship
  1. Properly filled in the application form for admission
  2. Properly filled in the DAAD application form
  3. Curriculum vitae in the English language
  4. One ‘Statement of Goals and Objectives’
  5. Must have completed a Bachelor Degree in a related subject
  6. English Test: IELTS/TOFEL
    *IELTS Score needs to be 6 or higher as per course provision
  7. Two Recommendation Letters
  8. Two years of work experience
  9. Leave of absence from the current employer
Deadline of Application:

Generally, you can submit all documents at the end of July in the German Embassy. It won’t cost you money.
Courier all your documents directly to the university till October 15. It will cost you money.

Notification of Scholarship Award:
  • The university notifies us typically in the month of November mentioning whether you are selected or not for further processing. If you are selected, they will give you the date and time for the interview.
  • They will notice whether you got admission for a scholarship or not by the end of December.
  • If you got a DAAD Scholarship, the DAAD Scholarship program will provide you with a three months online German Language course starting March. Two months of German Language Course before your Master’s Degree course in Germany.
 The academic year in Germany:
  • Summer Semester = April – September
    Application Deadline: January 15
  • Winter Semester = October – March
    Application Deadline: July 15
DAAD Scholarship Application Process:
  1. First of all, you have to apply online. In order to apply, you must register in the DAAD portal, so you can get access to the application form. and fill it up with the asked credentials.
  2. Get the Europass Specimen form and make your CV which must be hand-signed.
  3. Along with the present occupation reference, the candidate needs to get a Motivation letter which should also be hand-signed.
  4. If the university asks for a Research proposal then provide it.
  5. You should also provide a Recommendation letter which you received from your previous university.
  6. Experience letter from the head under which you had been working.
  7. A letter of guarantee for re-employment after completing the studies and returning to the respective country (Not Mandatory).
  8. Proof for English proficiency. Tests scores that are accepted are as follows:-
    *German Language: For programs carried in German it’s an important requirement.
    *IELTS: Check the website of each university to get the info regarding the band score requirement.
    *TOEFL Institutional isn’t acknowledged.
  9. Search and apply for programs that you would like to undertake in Germany that come under the DAAD scholarship.
  10. After you have all the required documents as mentioned above, we recommend you to search for other extra documents that are required for the program that you are opting for.
  11. Universities may take the required documents either online or through postal service or both ways. Check for that on their website.

Scholarships programs are:

1. Programs for Bachelor‘s Degree Students

2. Programs for Master’s Degree Students

3. Programs for Doctoral Candidates & Young Scientists

4. Programs for University Teachers & Academics

Field of Study:

· Engineering and Related Sciences

· Economic Sciences/Business Administration/Political Economics

· Development of Cooperation

· Medicine/Public Health

· Natural and Environmental Sciences

· Mathematics

· Regional and Urban Planning

· Agricultural and Forest Sciences

· Social Sciences, Education and Law

· Media Studies

For More Information:

A. German Organizations and Alumni Groups in Nepal

B. DAAD IN NEPAL website: https://www.daad.in/en/about-us/daad-in-nepal/

C.  Official DAAD website: https://www.daad.de/en/ 

D. DAAD Website: https://daadscholarship.com/

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